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            Foshan Lixin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., located in beautiful, rich and developed Nanhai District of Foshan City which is the central region of Pearl River Delta, is a manufacturing enterprise that specialized in the scientific research, development, production and sales of anti-fog mirrors and anti-fog films(defoggers). With strong technology development strength, advanced production equipments, testing equipments and scientific management system, the company can product according to customers; requirements and offer perfect customized solutions to customers.

           “Quality for survival and innovation for development.” Lixin has always persisted in three “High” policies: high requirements of quality, high standards of management and high level of service. Products are recognized by authoritative household appliances organization at home, and have CE, ROHS, IP54, SAA, PSE certificate. Lixin products are well sold around the whole country ......



    1. 榮譽證書P1
    2. 榮譽證書P2
    3. 榮譽證書P3
    4. 鋁合金型材專利證書
    5. 溫控節能系統專利證書
    6. 公司營業執照
    7. 防霧膜產品CE證書
    8. 燈鏡產品CE證書
    9. 防水電視CE證書
    10. 防霧膜ROHS檢測報告P1
    11. 防霧膜ROHS檢測報告P2
    12. 防霧膜ROHS檢測報告P3
    13. 防霧膜ROHS檢測報告P4
    14. PVC防霧膜檢測報告P1
    15. PVC防霧膜檢測報告P2
    16. PET防霧膜檢測報告P1
    17. PET防霧膜檢測報告P2
    18. 防霧膜產品IP54檢測報告P1
    19. 防霧膜產品IP54檢測報告P2
    20. 防霧膜產品IP54檢測報告P3
    21. 燈鏡產品IP44檢測報告P1
    22. 燈鏡產品IP44檢測報告P2
    23. 燈鏡產品IP44檢測報告P3
    24. 防水電視產品IP65檢測報告P1
    25. 防水電視產品IP65檢測報告P2
    26. 防水電視產品IP65檢測報告P3
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